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Name:Paradyme Capellago
Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Paradyme Capellago
Firstly a few basic facts of the character: Name - Paradyme Capellago, Age - 22, Starsign - Aries.
He originally hails from Oxfordshire - United Kingdom. He taught at John Mason School of Academic arts. While he was there, he taught Drama studies and performance. The Professor loves and takes a pride in what he does during his time whilst "playing" with his students. He enjoys his time with them all the time, utilising objects and the area around him for extra pleasure during the act. He decided that after assaulting and killing one of his now former students, he would put himself into rehab to try and work himself out of enjoying time spent with students behind his locked door. Try to stop using a blade during the pleasure seeking. Try to stop damaging the toys he plays with. Because of the crime he commited involving the one student, his sentence required him to be admitted to a mental institute.
Hello. I'm Paradyme. And I'm an alcoholick- Oh, wait. No.

Stuff goes here! I am a Professor of an academy, where I teach classes with students at various ages and with varying levels of skill. I spend most of my time cooped up in my luxurious study where, during out of hours, I teach students in private tutoring lessons. These cost money, of course! And with those students who don't have money? Well... They can pay in other ways, of course.

I'm an only child and grew up alone, parents died while I was young. I learned and earned my way to the top. I came out on top of most of the classes I took. And now I've become a professor to teach the younglings how to work in many environments.

As a professor, I also show strict discipline to my students. My lovers are just the same. I had a lover once. He tore my heart out and now I'm a shadow of my former self. Mentally unstable, you may say? I'd say awakened to the world and it's promise of pain at every damn turn, regardless.
Paradyme's face comes from the actor Song Woo Bin. AIM - Paradymecapellag, Skype - rtaplinpd6, e-mail -

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intellectual books, soft violin melodies
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